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Temperature degrees remain lower than average by 4 to 6 degrees as the country is affected by a low air pressure accompanied by cold western air currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The Meteorology Department expected in its Friday bulletin that the skies will be partly cloudy to rainy in general, with heavy rainfall, and sometimes snowflakes. The Department warned of flowing streams in valleys and slopes, noting that snow might fall over 700-1000 m heights in the northern areas. Frost might form in the mountainous areas and most of inland areas during the night. The wind will be southwesterly of low speed, and the sea waves will be of low amplitude.

The expected temperatures in Syrian cities are as follows: Damascus 09-02, Daraa 10/01, Homs 08/00, Hama 09/00, Lattakia 13/07, Aleppo 08/00 and Deir Ezzor 09/00.

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