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An army unit restored on Saturday the 10th of December 2016 stability and security to al-Foqai’a village in the northern countryside of Daraa southern province.

The Army units also established control over farms of al-Foqai’a village and chased the fleeing terrorists in the area. A military source told SANA that an army unit carried out a special operation against hotbeds and dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in al-Foqai’a town in the vicinity of the Old International Road to the north of Daraa city. The source added that security and stability were restored to the town after killing a number of terrorists and the remnants fled away towards the neighboring areas. Later, the source said the army units established control over the farms of al-Foqai’a town. This new achievement by the army is very important as it helps in consolidating security on Daraa highway and provides a springboard for the army to restore security and stability to the villages and towns spreading on both sides of the old road linking al-Sanamin city with al-Sheikh Miskin city.

In the same context, the source confirmed that a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed or injured in an army operation that targeted their positions in al-Nazihin Camp and to the south of the old Customs’ building in Daraa al-Balad area.


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