With the participation of Syria, “2nd international conference on countering illicit trafficking in the context of fighting international terrorism” kicked off in Moscow on Thursday.

Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow, Riad Haddad, said in a speech to the conference that countering illicit trafficking  in the context of fighting  terrorism gains today a bigger importance due to the dangerous repercussions of terrorism on the present and future of countries.

“What makes us talk more about terrorism is a thing that pushes the states which operate the armed defeated groups in Syria to search for other tools and means to keep instability and tension in the region,” the Syrian Ambassador added.

He stressed that in order to face the threats of terrorism, we have to hold joint cooperation, exchange expertise and data, and form a political, military and security strategy.

“Syria is open to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, Haddad said, adding that the Syrian people will remain defending their human and civilizational values.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation Sergei Istrakov, for his part, affirmed that the behavior of some western states that support the so-called “Syrian opposition” led to an unprecedented prevalence of illicit weapons in Syria and the Middle East.

He added that since the beginning of 2019, the western supplying for terrorists reached nearly 20 thousand ton of military weapons and equipment  with 800 million USD cost.

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