In a new breach of the international laws and conventions, the US brought a convoy embracing tens of trucks and military vehicles affiliated to the so-called “International Coalition” to al-Qamishli City in support for Qasad separatist militias which besiege locals and attack them and steal oil in the eastern region.

Local and media sources said that a new convoy embracing 200 trucks loaded with logistic aid and military vehicles affiliated to the US-led coalition entered al-Qamishli coming via the illegitimate crossing of Semalka which links Hasaka province with northern Iraq in support of the Kurdish protection units and Qasad militia which work on rapidly developing relations with the Israeli enemy in different domains.

In statements to SANA reporter, a number of locals affirmed that the illegitimate US presence in the province serves the US interests, indicating that Washington through the support which it provides for the separatist militias seeks to prolong the war and to preserve the situation of instability and chaos, in addition to providing a cover for stealing the resources of the country.

The locals referred to the crimes committed by the so-called “International Coalition” against civilians in the provinces of Deir Ezzor, Hasaka, Raqqa and Aleppo which claimed the lives of thousands and injured others.

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