The General Establishment of Syrian Railways has regained its membership at the International Union of Railways based on a decision taken by the Union which was notified to the Ministry of Transport.

The Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that the Establishment can benefit from all the advantages which are related to regaining its membership as an active member at the International Union of Railways, and it can make an account on the electronic website of the Union.

It added that regaining the membership would also allow the Establishment to participate in workshops which come in line with its interests, and to download technical documents and the standards adopted by the Union for free.

The Ministry of Transport indicated that over the years which preceded the terrorist war waged against Syria, the Establishment has been adhered to paying all its financial duties to the International Union of Railways, but since 2011 it hasn’t been able to pay the fees due to the unjust unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian banks.

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