If you are one of the 500 thousand visitors to the Damascus International Fair in just one day, the first virtual painting that will be on your entry gate will be the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, entitled “Witness or Victory.” Thus, you’ll see another symbolic image of the martyrs who sacrificed their blood for Syria to live and be the noblest of human beings.It is truly fitting for them to issue the celebration. For them, the joys of victory would not have been the carnival of the Carnavali wedding, in which all Syrians would participate in the entry tickets to the Damascus International Fair. The third was for the economic life that began with labor and the creation of post-war investments, contracts and planning. The images of the Syrian state, with the manifestations of war that were not the result of a momentary plan, have been, and have been, historically the important location of geopolitical influence, always targeted by aggression, looting and destruction

Eight years of war, in which Syria was able to achieve the right and sovereignty through the victories of the Syrian Arab Army, foreign policy, the wise vision of the Syrian leadership, and the steadfastness of the people, which is a model that will inevitably be studied and taught in the political academies, an exceptional steadfastness to popular awareness of the objectives of the terrorist war, “The Syrian state with all its components, has been able to face the economic conspiracy (unilateral coercive measures – siege) accompanied by terrorist and political criminal acts through the investment of aggressive countries international platforms. Thus was the fall of the objectives and intentions of the colonial culture of the Absolute loyalty and anybody as long leadership has taken a decision (confrontation and willingness to pay the prices, because the price of addressing the project’s co-conspirator and its resistance, regardless of its value, remains much lower than the price of defeat and receive the consequences and the results of the plot

The steadfastness of the individual citizen has been a culture that has achieved the steadfastness of the state, shared by the economic institutions «government and private» act of attendance and to confirm the economic steadfastness and adherence to the homeland.Despite the unjust coercive measures and the economic blockade imposed contrary to the Charter of the United Nations, and despite the repercussions of this siege on the Syrian citizen and the state, but they were able to adapt and absorb the negative repercussions, and the Syrian state continued its service approach relying on its resources and human capital, and on allies and friends, construction and reconstruction, and addressing the economic reality for a comprehensive renaissance of Syria

The battle of Idlib will be a decisive battle that ends with the existence of terrorist organizations and closes the last terrorist enclave, while continuing to occupy the strongholds of the terrorists in the northern Hama and southern Idlib provinces, to be the final touches of the Syrian victory plateau and the allies on the axis of evil. Until the moment of the noise and noise that he used previously in the Gouta and eastern Aleppo to be Idlib last stronghold defeated, and to achieve the liberation of the completion of the final painting of the pictures of victory and life that can be seen on the face of every Syrian believer. It is the full map of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic