Army units achieved a new advancement in hunting down Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in al-Safa hills in the depth of Sweida eastern Badyia (desert).

SANA reporter in Sweida said that army units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, engaged in violent clashes with Daesh terrorists in Ard Qa’a al-Banat to the northwest of al-Safa hills as they advanced over an area of 2 km, tightening the noose over the remnants of terrorists and cutting their supply routes.

The reporter indicated that scores of terrorists were killed in the clashes and the army established fire control over the rest of water resources of Daesh terrorists amid rapid collapses among their ranks

SANA reporter indicated that army units continued to hunt down the remnants of, Daesh terrorists who fled away towards the depth of the area, using suitable weapons.

Meanwhile, the army artillery and air force destroyed fortified positions and barricades belonging to terrorists in the depth of the area, killing all terrorists inside them.