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Syria Millennium

Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the urgent intention of west to allocate financial aid to the Syrian Raqqa suspicious amid their repeated refusals to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrians affected by the war, considering that it aims to cover tracks of the barbaric bombing of the city by the US-led coalition.
“Raqqa has not managed to cool down after bombings of the international coalition and the high-ranking officials from Washington, Paris and Berlin have started making statements about the urgent allocation of tens of millions dollars and euros to Raqqa. These millions should allegedly help to restore peaceful life in the city. We welcome such generosity, but we have questions,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Sunday.
“The only explanation of this is an aspiration to quickly cover up the tracks of the barbaric bombings by the United States and the coalition’s aircraft that have buried thousands of civilians liberated from the ISIS terrorist group under the ruins of Raqqa,” Konashenkov added.